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Benefits of Living on Campus

Be successful at WSU

Research has shown that living on campus creates a seemless experience for students. By living with your fellow classmates, you can hold study groups every night and truly become invested in your academics!


Does anyone really enjoy rush hour traffic in Detroit? By living on campus, you can forget about all the stresses of commuting! All of our residence halls and apartments are less than a five minute walk from the heart of campus. That means you can wake up 10 minutes before your class and not be late!

Resources at your fingertips

Here at Wayne State, we want you to be as successful as possible. By living on campus, you not only have access to all of the student resources on campus, you also have access to masters-level professionals within your residence hall. Our Community Directors and resident advisors serve as an important resource for you!

Meet new friends

Through living on campus, we can guarantee that you'll meet new friends. Whether it's through attending a residence hall program or joining your friends at Towers Cafe' for dinner, you'll be able to meet and live with people that could have a positive impact on your life.

Proximity to Detroit attractions

When you decide to live on campus, you are literally living in the heart of the city. Within walking distance of downtown Detroit, you have the opportunity to explore the city by living at Wayne State.

Leadership opportunities

Enjoy working with fellow peers? Do you strive to become a leader within your community? Then working for the Housing and Residential Life department is for you! We offer various positions that will not only compensate you financially for your work, but you'll also gain valuble leadership skills that employers are looking for in potential candidates!

Excel academically

Finals time can be an extremely stressful experience (especially for first-year students). Many times students will spend hours in the library and many will not leave until the library closes. All of our housing facilities offer spaces where students can study and do their homework on a nightly basis. Why drive home after a long night of studying when you could walk down the hallway to your room!

Learn to be independent

For many of our students, this is the first time that they are living away from home. Although this can be a daunting experience for some students, many begin to embrace their new found independence from the first week they move in. Even though many of our students strive to live as independently as possible, we strongly encourage them to become engaged in their residential community through meeting new people and joining hall/community councils. We have a very dedicated team of professionals who will be there to help students through the process!

Create memories to last a lifetime

Every night you live on campus has to potential to create lifetime memories for you. Many of our students look back on their time living on campus and say that it had a positive affect on their personal development. Through creating new friend groups, attending campus events, and exploring the city of Detroit, our residents create fond memories that they can cherish for years to come!