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Q: Can my WSU student have their significant other stay overnight?       

A: Students are permitted to have up to one overnight guest at a time, up to five times per month. We ask that students discuss having someone spend the night with their roommate(s) prior to them arriving. Students must sign in their guest and remain with them at all times until they escort them out of the building. They are responsible for all actions of their guests while in campus housing. Parents are encouraged to have a conversation with their student prior to moving in about any concerns they have with their student signing in their significant other as an overnight guest.

Q: What if my WSU student finds they do not get along with their assigned roommate?

A: Even students who request their roommate can sometimes find that they aren’t the best person to live with. Resident Advisors are available on each floor in our buildings to assist students with mediating roommate conflicts they may have. We also have an Open Room Change Period available during both the fall and winter semesters that students can participate in to move to a different type of room, building or even floor.

Q: What if my WSU student does not get the type of room they wanted?

A: Students can opt to be placed on a Room Type Waitlist, which is available until fall/winter move-in dates. We do our best to accommodate room changes prior to the start of the semester when the space becomes available. After move-in, students can still participate in our Open Room Change Period. The Open Room Change Period begins roughly three weeks after the fall and winter semesters begin. As always we always encourage students to apply early to live on campus each year, as many of our most desired room types can go quickly.

Q: Does my WSU student have to move out of their residence hall or apartment space for holidays or university break periods?

A: Students living in Towers Residential Suites or any apartment building are not required to leave their room/apartment during any of the university closures (Thanksgiving, Semester Break and Spring Break). However, students living in Atchison and Ghafari will need to vacate their room during the Semester Break period, which runs from the last day of finals in December until the day before classes resume in January. Students in Atchison and Ghafari typically only bring home things they need while home on break.

Q: Is a meal plan required for someone to live on campus?

A: All students living in the residence halls (Atchison, Ghafari and Towers Residential Suites) are required to have a meal plan to live on campus. First-year freshmen are required to choose between the 15 meal plan and the Warrior Pass meal plan. Any student living in an apartment building (DeRoy, Chatsworth and University Towers) are not required to have a meal plan, however may choose to purchase an independent meal plan.