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Services for Residence Halls

Front-Desk Services

There is a 24-hour staffed reception desk on the first floor of each residence hall. The front-desk staff distributes mail, provides you with building information, checks in guests/visitors and takes maintenance requests. By maintaining an awareness of residents and others entering and leaving the building, the front-desk staff also provides security for the hall. The desk receptionist will ask you to show your OneCard and hall sticker as you enter the building; guests/visitors will be asked for their guest pass and or a valid picture ID and must be checked-in to enter. This is done for your safety and the safety of others living in the hall.

Security Monitors

In addition to our front desk, later in the evening during the busiest hours of the night, our Security Monitors provide extra security for our students. They assist with checking resident’s OneCards, making sure guests sign-in, and that every guest who enters the building is escorted by a resident. This is to ensure extra safety for our residents in the evening.

Laundry Facilities

A laundry facility is located on the first floor of both Yousif B. Ghafari and Atchison Residence Halls and on every other floor of the Towers Residential Suites. The new machines will operate with both coins and your OneCard. You can use coins in the coin slots to pay for your laundry or you can load funds onto your card and pay for your laundry easily by simply inserting your card into the machines. Pricing as follows:

Normal Sized Washing Machine: $1.50 per load
Normal Sized Dryer: $1.50 per load.

Housing and Residential Life is excited to report that the laundry rooms in all residence halls and apartments at WSU are now equipped with new Speed Queen Washing machines and dryers. Although there was a slight increase in the price of doing laundry, the new machines are much more efficient. Large capacity machines have been installed at Chatsworth Apartments and at University Towers Apartments that have the capacity to hold a double load of laundry!  Please refer to the pricing and payment options below for specific building information.

What’s New and Exciting?

An online, machine availability reporting system has been added to Wayne State’s laundry facilities. Using a phone, tablet or computer, residents can check the availability of specific washers and dryers at each building. Residents also have the option of entering their email address to be notified when a machine will be available. Visit Wayne State’s WASH Alert website at: http://washalert.washlaundry.com/wsu.html. Residents can also download a “FixLaundry” app for IOS or Android that provides a means of immediately reporting a machine outage.

Remember that if you have any problems with your OneCard while operating washers and dryers, call 313-577-CARD. For coin-related problems, please contact the building front desk.

Repairs and Maintenance

The Housing and Residential Life custodial and maintenance staff provide prompt service to residents, make necessary repairs and respond to any emergencies that occur in our facilities. To request repairs or maintenance, contact your front-desk staff. They will help you complete a Maintenance Request Form.

Common Space Reservations

Residents of Ghafari Hall, Atchison Hall and the Towers Residential Suites may reserve common areas and lounges for sponsoring and holding functions. To reserve a common area, please contact the front desk in advance.

Lost Keys/Lockouts

Students receive room keys at move-in. Students should be very protective of their room keys. Residents who lose their room keys should immediately report the incident to the front desk. Lost or stolen keys will necessitate a lock change and a charge will be assessed. Residents whose key is lost are responsible for any and all charges including replacement keys for roommate(s). There is a charge of $150 to students for a lock change due to lost keys and a $4.00 charge for replacement keys if they are damaged or broken.

If you get locked out of your room the front desk can assist you. A $20 fee will be assessed for each lockout (the first lockout is free). To avoid lockout charges altogether, be sure to always take your key with you whenever you leave your apartment. This is especially true if you live in a building with automatic door closers, doors that lock without a key when closed, or if you have roommates.

Cable TV

Residence Hall rooms are Cable TV ready. The Office of Housing and Residential Life recently upgraded our cable TV equipment. The upgrade resulted in 40 more channels being added to our existing line up. You can find our new and improved cable channel line up here.

Computer Resources

Getting Connected - Wireless Internet is available throughout University housing, including study rooms and lounges, except Chatsworth. Connect to the WSU-SECURE network with your AccessID and password. C&IT also offers step-by-step connection guides for a variety of devices at computing.wayne.edu/securesetup. Never share your password - your guests are welcome to use WSU-PUBLIC for free.

Rooms are also hard wired for Internet access for computers without wireless capability or when a more reliable connection is desired. To access the network without Wi-Fi, you must provide your own computer with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network adapter and a CAT-6 network cable (6-12 feet in length recommended).

Some devices aren't compatible with Ethernet or WSU-SECURE. Find details on how to connect wireless devices such as gaming systems, Blu-ray players, and smart TVs at computing.wayne.edu/connectme.

Getting Help - For assistance with any technology-related issues on campus, contact the C&IT Help Desk at (313) 577-HELP or helpdesk@wayne.edu.

Free Antivirus Protection - Download a full-featured version of Symantec Endpoint Protection and more for your PC or Mac at computing.wayne.edu/freesoftware.

Computer Labs - The University Library System has more than 800 computers available for student use. The Undergraduate Library, located next to the residence halls, has more than 100 computers available in its 24-hour study center. computing.wayne.edu/labs.

Acceptable Use -  Use of Wayne State networks indicates acceptance of the University’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy, which can be found at http://wayne.edu/policies/acceptable-use/. Violations of University policies may result in a fine, the suspension or termination of residential network privileges, as well as discipline under the appropriate resident, student, faculty or staff due process policy.