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Transfer Student Information

We are so glad that you chose to continue your education here at Wayne State University! Below is some important information that we would like you to know before you move in. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the housing office via office phone (313-577-2116) or via email (housing@wayne.edu).


Move In Schedule (August 23rd)

After 9:00am 6th Floors of Ghafari & Atchison
8th & 9th Floors of Towers
After 10:00am 5th floors of Ghafari & Atchison
After 11:00am 4th floors of Ghafari, Atchison, & Towers
After 12:00pm 3rd floors of Ghafari, Atchison, & Towers
After 1:00pm 2nd floors of Ghafari & Towers
2:00-5:00pm Open move-in for freshman

Note: If you are living in an unfurnished apartment, the Housing Office will provide you with an assigned move in date. Please check your Wayne State email fairly regularly during the month of August.

Move In Guides

Below you'll find our two move in guides which we created to make your move in process easier. Inside these guides, you'll find detailed information about the move-in day process, resources our campus provides students, as well as stores located within a driving distance of Wayne State. If you are living in a residence hall (Atchison, Ghafari, Towers Residential Suties, or an Unfurnished Apartment), select the Residence Hall Move In Guide. If you are living in an unfurnished apartment (Chatsworth Towers, DeRoy Apartments, or University Towers), select the Unfurnished Apartment Guide.

Residence Hall Move In Guide (PDF) or Unfurnished Apartment Guide (PDF)