Wayne State University

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Campus Life

Around Campus

WSU has a vibrant campus life on and around campus. Located in the heart of mid-town Detroit, there is always something to do if you know where to look. Students enjoy making trips to unique restaurants, art galleries, shops, and cafes to hang out and relax. Within walking distance you can attend a Broadway play, watch a professional sporting event, listen to the sounds of a symphony orchestra and much more.

On Campus

Show your pride and enthusiasm by getting involved. WSU has more than 250 student organizations for students to join including sororities, fraternities, academic and professional organizations, cultural groups, service and social action organizations, religious, and entertainment groups. Attend Student Organization Day in Fall or Winter Semesters to meet group members and get involved or visit the Dean of Students Office Web page to learn more.

In addition to student organizations and their events, our Student Activities Program Board coordinates events throughout the year for students such as comedy shows and outdoor movies, and many of our campus offices also plan events for students. The WSU Events Calendar at http://events.wayne.edu is your complete source for campus events. In addition, our residence hall and apartment lobbies will have new digital signage this fall where you can learn about campus events so you'll never be left "out of the loop."