How to select a room

PLEASE NOTE: Freshman students will not participate in the roommate grouping process and will only select an individual space for themselves during self-selection.


Picking a room for you and/ or your roommate group is the final step in the self-selection process.

To begin from the housing self-service portal homepage, you will see your room selection group (if applicable) type and selection date and time under the Room Selection header. This indicates the earliest you will be able to select a room but can do it any time after your start time until the selection end date.

Next, you can click on the blue button, or go to the upper menu and click on Roommate Selection. Then, click on "Select a Room or a Suite."

On the next page, you will see everyone in your roommate group (if applicable) including yourself. Make sure the checkbox next to their name is selected to ensure they are all placed together into the same room or suite.

You will see filters for room type, building or special interest communities. You can use these to narrow down your preferences as you search for a room/suite. We recommend you only use one filter type at a time to ensure you find a room that meets your search criteria.

When the filters are selected, click on the "Find available rooms" button.

This will take you to a page with all the available rooms in your search criteria that you or your roommate group is eligible to select.  Review the different room types and semester rates listed next to each available room/suite.  Each person is responsible to pay the semester room rate for their room/suite assignment.

We wanted a D-suite in Towers and we think room 210 is a good choice. So we will click on select suite.

The next page will then allow you to pick which bed each individual in your group is assigned. Please discuss the bed assignments with your group ahead of time to ensure everyone is happy with the selection.

If it all looks good, click on "I agree – Submit my room selection." You will then be taken to a confirmation page letting you know your selection is confirmed.  Also, if you go to the housing self-service portal homepage, under Room Selection you will see your room information and your roommates.

If you have any other questions, we are here to help at 313-577-2116 or at!