Campus Partner Resources

  • Reasons to live on campus

    Student Support (Resident Advisor's, Desk Assistants, Community Assistants)

    • Full time, live on Community Directors
    • 24/7 emergency student support

    Connections & Community

    • Living & Learning Communities-learning that continues outside of the classroom
    • Develop friendships
    • Programming Opportunities

    Proximity to Campus Resources

    • Libraries, Study Lounges
    • Rec Center
    • CAPS


    • No commuting
    • Variety of Dining Locations
    • Libraries, Labs, Faculty Offices


    • 20% lower than off campus rates in Midtown
    • All bills, utilities, and costs included


    • Residential Experience
    • Leadership Opportunities (clubs, intermural, on campus employment)
    • Heart of Midtown Activities (Thursday in the D, DOSO Events, Pistons/RedWings/Tigers/Lions Athletic Events)
    • Easy Access to Campus Cultural Event/Activities/Sporting Events
  • On-campus Housing Options

    Residence Halls & Furnished Apartments

    Anyone students can live in these spaces
    Students not able to stay in spaces during spring/summer terms, must relocate to Spring/Summer residence hall housing

    Various building and room type options

    Meal plans are required in all of these spaces except:

    • The Thompson
    • DeRoy (floors 10-15)
    • Anthony Wayne Drive

    Unfurnished Apartments

    • Must be 20 years old or Junior class standing or above
    • Meal plans are not required
    • Spaces are unfurnished
    • Billed by apartment, not by the bed space
    • Cost prorated for the number of people in the apartment daily

    Various Building and Room Types:

    • Chatsworth:
    • DeRoy (floors 2-9):
    • University Towers:
    • Chatsworth and DeRoy will close May 1, 2019 for renovation and demolition.
      Students who need to live on campus during Spring/Summer 2019 will either need to move or is encouraged to look at another on campus housing option.
  • License Agreements


    • This is a legally binding contract.
    • There are different license agreements fr the following terms/locations:
    • Cancellation terms are outlined in each license agreement. Students and parents are encouraged to read through these and understand the financial obligations.
      • Residence Halls & Furnished Apartments:  Pages 4 & 5
      • Unfurnished Apartments: Pages 3 & 4



  • Special Interest Communities


    • 21 and up (Towers or Deroy)
    • 24 Hour Quiet Hour (Towers)
    • All Female (Ghafari)
    • Community of Scholars (Ghafari)
    • Engineering Living Learning Cmmunity (Ghafari - freshmen only)
    • Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Entrepreneurship (Thompson Home - sophomores and above)*
    • Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Living Learning Community (Atchison - freshmen only)
    • Graduate/Professional (Towers or Deroy)
    • Honors (Towers or Atchison)
    • International (Towers)
    • Warriors Business Community (Ghafari)​


  • Sign-up Process

    There are 3 steps to the sign up process this year.  Additional information is available online.  The steps are outlined below.

    • There are also online videos available to help walk students through the steps of the process.
    • Step 1: Application- Begins February 1, 2018
      • Review and sign the license agreement
        • Students under 18 will have to have their parent/guardian sign off on the license agreement.  This is done via email.
      • Make $125 non-refundable housing application payment
    • Step 2: Roommate Selection- March 5-30, 2018
      • Request and create roommate groups
      • Up to 3 people can be selected as roommates
      • All roommate groups must be mutual
      • Students will still be able to select a roommate after this process, however they will have to do that independently of the system.  This will require far more communication between the students.
        • Think about this being the difference between purchasing plane tickets with your family all together, you're then seated together.  If you buy tickets on the same flight with friends, but not together, then you need to discuss seat locations.
      • Students can monitor roommate progress via the Self-Service Portal
    • Step 3: Room Selection- Begins April 9, 2018
      • Students will be given a date/time to enter into the room selection process.
      • Students will be able to search and select from available rooms.
        • Think about this similar to selecting your own train, bus, or plane seat


  • Tour Information
    • Students/customers can contact the front desk of each building for tours
    • Tours do not have to be scheduled
    • Parents/students are encuraged to call ahead while on their way to the building to ensure a reduced wait time.
  • Meal Plans 
    • There are a variety of meal plans for students to select from.
      • Freshman Residence Hall Meal Plans- Required for all freshman who live in Atchison, Ghafari, Towers
        • Warrior Pass 400
        • Warrior Pass 250
        • Warrior Pass 50
        • Weekly 15 + 100
      • Upperclass Residence Hall Meal Plans- Required for all upperclass students who live in Atchison, Ghafari, Towers
        • Warrior Pass 400
        • Warrior Pass 250
        • Warrior Pass 50
        • Weekly 15 + 100
        • Weekly 12 + 350
        • Weekly 5 + 150
      • Furnished & Unfurnished Apartment Meal Plans- Voluntary meal plans for students who live in DeRoy, Chatsworth, University Towers
        • Warrior Pass 400
        • Warrior Pass 250
        • Warrior Pass 50
        • Weekly 15 + 100
        • Weekly 12 + 350
        • Weekly 5 + 150
        • Block 15
        • Block 30
        • Block 45
    Students can also always add Warrior Dollars to their plans online. 

    Meal Plan Exemptions:

    • Students wanting a meal plan exemption must contact WSU Dining Services to make this request.
    • WSU Dining Services  staff will determine if the meal plan exception will be approved. 
    • If approved by WSU Dining Services  staff, the WSU Dining Services  staff will contact the student and housing staff to cancel the meal plan.
    • Students need to email to get the dining exception form.
  • Room Floor Plans

    Students can review flor plans for each building by going to the building page

  • Rates and Costs
    • Costs are available online
      • These costs are listed by the semester and the academic year.
    • Residence Halls & Furnished Apartments are billed per semester, per persn in the room
    • Unfurnished Apartments are billed per semester.  The cost of the apartment is divided between the total number of people in that unit on a daily basis. Any changes to the occupancy in an unfurnished apartment will change the total costs for each person.
    • Students wh are concerned about their housing bill should contact to work directly with a housing staff member. 
  • Resident Accommodations
    • Housing & Residential Life staff also work to assist students who need gender neutral housing should email  Dr. Thacker or an operations staff member will reach out and work 1:1 with students.
    • Husing & Residential Life staff work closely with Student Disability Services (SDS) staff to accommodate student housing needs.
    • A student will need t first contact SDS and make an appointment.  Mre information is available online at:
    • SDS staff then wrk with housing staff to ensure appropriate housing accommodations.  Sme of the accommodations include:
      • Service/Assistance Animal Approval
      • Emotional Support Animal Approval
      • Mobility Needs
      • Hearing, Vision Impairment Needs