The project

Wayne State University Housing and Residential Life has big plans for the next few years. With the ever increasing number of students looking to live on campus, housing is undergoing an expansion. The new plan will bring some much needed accommodations to campus.

The new Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments and renovated Chatsworth Tower will provide living space for approximately 1,000 students. Construction will take place in three phases, beginning in May 2017 and ending in the fall of 2020.

Phase one will start in May 2017 and end in the fall of 2018 with the opening of the 11-story tower of the Anthony Wayne  Drive Apartments. Phase two will also begin in May 2017 and end in the fall of 2019 with the opening of the rest of the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments. Phase three will begin in May 2019 with the demolition of the Helen L. DeRoy Apartments and end in the fall of 2020 with the opening of the renovated Chatsworth Tower.


The Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments and renovated Chatsworth Tower are the next step in fostering student learning and success by creating more places for students to engage in an intentional living-learning community. At the completion of this project in fall of 2020, students will have a modern, yet comfortable, setting to grow in self-awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

The new and renovated buildings will boast spacious lounge areas, additional green space, homey living spaces, retail shops, and so much more. Each new area has been designed to enhance the student experience. These new communities will be a place for residents to practice social and group development as members of a diverse group of Wayne State learners.

Center courtyard deck
Center courtyard deck
Central courtyard 2
Central courtyard
Commercial courtyard 3
Commercial courtyard
East mall
East mall
North courtyard 1
North courtyard
North entry north
North entry (north)
North entry south
North entry (south)
North Kirby
North Kirby


The New Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments

  • The Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments will have efficiency (studio), one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom units.
  • The new apartments will be furnished units, including a full kitchen, common space, and individual bedrooms with full-size beds.
  • Each floor will have multiple lounge areas, including study space, hangout areas, game rooms, and even a dance studio.
  • There will be two large community rooms on the first floor.
  • The first floor will be home to retail space. More to come as vendors are secured.
  • There will be three courtyard areas. One will be open and the other two will be fenced in.
  • The new Campus Health Center will be located on the first floor.