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With WASH-Connect, one app does it all.
Now it’s easier to get rid of the stains on your favorite hoodie with the WASH-Connect mobile app. It allows mobile payment, shows which washers and dryers are available for use and it notifies you when your laundry is done. To create an account, you must be inside a WASH-Connect enabled laundry room or have the location code of the washer or dryer you wish to use.
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  • Submit a work order

    The Office of Housing and Residential Life aims to provide residents with a pleasant living experience. The goal of our custodial and maintenance staff is to provide prompt service when responding to residents’ work orders. Please review the response times and priority levels below. Visit to submit a work order.

    For cable and internet requests, visit

  • Lost keys and lockouts

    Students receive room keys at move-in. Students should be very protective of their room keys. Residents who lose their room keys should immediately report the incident to the front desk. Lost or stolen keys will necessitate a lock change and a charge will be assessed. Residents whose key is lost are responsible for any and all charges including replacement keys for roommate(s). There is a charge of $250-$500 to students for a lock change due to lost keys and a $4.00 charge for replacement keys if they are damaged or broken.

    If you get locked out of your room the front desk can assist you. A $20 fee will be assessed for each lockout (the first lockout is free). To avoid lockout charges altogether, be sure to always take your key with you whenever you leave your apartment. This is especially true if you live in a building with automatic door closers, doors that lock without a key when closed, or if you have roommates.

  • Emergency Immediate Response
    - Fire alarm 
    - Closet door repair 
    - Furniture move 

    Urgent: Completed within 24 hours 
    - Broken glass 
    - Broken heating/cooling system (seasonal) 
    - Discharge of fire sprinkler system 
    - Broken locks 
    - Person trapped in elevator 
    - Gas leak or smell of gas 
    - Storm water flooding into the building 
    - Sewage backing up into the building 
    - Ice hanging from roof 
    - Electrical sparks or smoke 
    - Downed electrical line 
    - Electrical outage 
    - Broken steam, water or gas line 
    - Overflowing toilet  

    Routine Type 1: Completed within five (5) business days
    - Cracked glass 
    - Broken furniture 
    - New key request 
    - Broken switch, outlet or light 
    - Dripping faucet/shower 
    - Graffiti removal 
    - Essential indoor lighting 
    - Malfunctioning outdoor lighting 
    - Non-emergency elevator repair 
    - Broken refrigerator 
    - Plumbing issue – clogged toilet, sink or shower 
    - Leaky roof or pipe 
    - Suspected mold or pest infestation 
    - Malfunctioning fire alarm 

    Routine Type 2: Completed within 10 business days 
    - Painting 
    - Preventable maintenance 
    - Plumbing: running toilet/urinal 
    - Routine pest control/special request 


  • Mail and packages

    A mailbox is provided for each residence hall room, suite, and apartment. Access to the mailbox requires the use of your room, suite or apartment key. U.S. mail is delivered to university housing Monday through Saturday.

    Packages from FedEx, DHL or other private delivery companies are delivered directly to the building. Packages from USPS are delivered to the Wayne State mail processing center and will arrive with other campus mail. Please note that packages are signed for upon receipt but may be at the campus processing facility.

    For your convenience, an electronic package log is kept at your front desk to record all incoming/outgoing packages. If you are expecting a package that requires a signature, desk staff will sign for your package. The front desk will only accept packages from U.S. mail or package delivery services.

    If you receive a package, you'll find a package slip in your mailbox and may receive an email. Present the slip with a photo ID at the front desk to obtain your package.

  • Building addresses

    Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments

    5235 Anthony Wayne Drive, Room #
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 577-1815

    Atchison Hall

    5110 Anthony Wayne Drive, Room #
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 577-9852

    Chatsworth Suites

    630 Williams Mall, Suite #
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 577-2865

    Ghafari Hall

    695 Williams Mall, Room #
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 577-9700

    The Towers Residential Suites

    655 W. Kirby, Room #
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 577-6600

    University Tower Apartments

    4500 Cass Avenue, Apt #
    Detroit, MI 48201
    (313) 577-8887

  • TV and Internet


    Xfinity provides cable television and streaming in residence halls and apartments. You must provide your own TV and coaxial cable. Some TV's may not be compatible with Xfinity's cable setup. View a list of recommended TVs at Cable is only provided in the main living areas, not in private bedrooms.

    For an up-to-date cable listing, visit View and download the WSU channel guide at

    Xfinity on Campus will be available to year-round residents in Atchison Hall, Ghafari Hall, Towers Residential Suites, University Tower Apartments, and Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments.

    If you are not getting a picture or receiving all available channels when you set up your TV and cable, try auto-programming your TV. More information is available at

    If you require assistance with cable or streaming, please contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357 from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. or visit the lower level of the Student Center Building Suite 005 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


    WSU-SECURE is available throughout campus, except Chatsworth Apartments. Connect to WSU-SECURE with your AccessID and password. C&IT also offers step-by-step connection guides at Never share your password your guests should use the WSU-PUBLIC network.

    Rooms are also hardwired for internet access. To access the wired network, you must provide your own computer with a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet network adapter and a CAT-6 network cable (6-12 feet in length recommended).

    Smart devices and game consoles are not compatible with WSU-SECURE. To connect these devices wirelessly, visit

    The University Library System has more than 800 computers available for student use. The Undergraduate Library has more than 100 computers available in its 24-hour study center. For hours and software lists, visit

    The C&IT Help Desk offers free and discounted software for students, including a full-featured version of Microsoft Office for currently registered students. Visit for a complete list of available products.

    Use of Wayne State networks indicates acceptance of the University's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy, which can be found at Violations of university policies may result in a fine, the suspension or termination of residential network privileges, as well as discipline under the appropriate resident, student, faculty or staff due process policy.

    If you require assistance with internet services, please contact the C&IT Help Desk at 313-577-4357 from 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. or visit the lower level of the Student Center Building Suite 005 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Decorating your room

    Although we encourage you to use your creativity and imagination when decorating your room, we also caution you to use care and common sense. If you wish to hang posters and other items on your wall, they may be hung using only nail-free type picture hangers. You may not use nails, tacks, pins, screws, masking tape, Scotch tape, stick-on picture holders, 3M products or other types of sticking agents on the walls, ceilings, woodwork or doors. You may not make any permanent alterations to your room. Any damages that result from room decorations, alterations or their removal will be charged to the resident. You are responsible for the condition of your room and for all University-owned furniture within your room. You are not allowed to paint your room walls, ceiling, floor, or furnishings.

  • Laundry

    A laundry facility is located on the first floor of both Yousif B. Ghafari and Atchison Residence Halls and on every other floor of the Towers Residential Suites. The new machines will operate with both coins and or the PayRange App. You can use coins in the coin slots to pay for your laundry or you can load funds onto your account and pay for your laundry easily using your phone. Pricing as follows:

    Normal Sized Washing Machine: $1.50 per load
    Normal Sized Dryer: $1.50 per load.

    Housing and Residential Life is excited to report that the laundry rooms in all residence halls and apartments at WSU are now equipped with new Speed Queen Washing machines and dryers. Although there was a slight increase in the price of doing laundry, the new machines are much more efficient. Large capacity machines have been installed at University Towers Apartments that have the capacity to hold a double load of laundry! Please refer to the pricing and payment options below for specific building information.