Cancellation process

When you completed the housing application, the first step in that process was to review the Housing License Agreement (HLA) terms.  These terms are a legally binding agreement that you entered into with Wayne State University acting by and through the Office of Housing & Residential Life.  These terms outline important dates, deadlines, and what you and Wayne State are responsible for during your time living on campus. 

There are also cancellation terms in the Housing License Agreement that outline the reasons a student can request to cancel their housing agreement. After your request to cancel is received, staff will review your application and then send an approval or denial based on those reasons in the HLA email to your email.  If your initial request is denied, you will have an opportunity to have your request re-evaluated by the Housing Appeals Committee.

The option to appeal a denied cancellation request is open to all students whose initial cancellation request is denied.

  • Submitting a cancellation request

    Students requesting to cancel their housing application before the June 30 cancellation deadline date: This only applies to students that have not moved in.

    1. Go to the housing self-service portal.
    2. Select Apply for Housing
    3. Select the Housing Application that is listed as Completed
    4. Select Cancel/Withdraw this Application
    5. Submit
    6. Select the reason for your cancellation request.
    7. Add any additional notes for the Housing & Residential Life Office
    8. Submit


    Students requesting to cancel their housing application after the June 30 cancellation deadline date:

    1. Go to the housing self-service portal
    2. Select the “Apply for Housing/Complete a Form” option
    3. Select the Fall 2023 Residence Hall and Apartment Cancellation Request
    4. Review the cancellation information and sign.
    5. Answer all questions in the form.
    6. Select Continue. You will receive a confirmation message on the screen that your request has been submitted.
    7. Cancellation requests are reviewed every Wednesday, you will receive a decision regarding your cancellation request to your Wayne State email account.



  • Appealing a cancellation decision

    If your cancellation request is denied, you have the opportunity to submit an appeal.  This appeal will be reviewed by the Housing Appeals Committee.  This committee is made up of Wayne State staff from Financial Aid, Counseling and Psychological Services, the Campus Health Center, the Ombuds Office, and Housing and Residential Life.

    To pursue an appeal of a denied request to cancel, follow the information about the appeals process included in the cancellation denial email.

    1. You will need to submit documents and information regarding your personal situation and circumstances related to your cancellation request for the Housing Appeals Committee to review.
    2. When you submit your appeal documents, you will also have the opportunity to request to meet virtually with the Housing Appeals Committee.
    3. During the appeals meeting, the documents you submit will be reviewed by the Housing Appeals Committee members.  If you request to meet with the committee, you have the opportunity to highlight any information previously submitted and present additional personal information to be taken into consideration by the committee.
    4. You will receive a decision in an email to your Wayne State email account from the Housing Appeals Committee within 3-5 days after the appeals meeting.  
    5. If your appeal is approved, you must complete a check-out, following the process outlined in your decision email.
    6. If your appeal is denied, you are responsible for housing and dining charges for the remainder of the Housing License Agreement term.
    7. The decision of the Housing Appeals Committee is final, there is not another appeals level or process.