Housing incentive program

Save $1,000 next year when you choose to live in select buildings.

We're excited to announce our housing incentive program exclusively for our current residents for the 2024-25 academic year. Students can save up to $1,000 when they select to live at Towers Residential Suites, Atchison Hall, and for our creative Warriors, The Thompson. This incentive will be applied to student accounts as a $500 credit for the Fall and/or Winter semesters.

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Towers Residential Suites

Towers Residential Suites

Ghafari Hall

Atchison Hall

The Thompson

The Thompson


Who is eligible?

Current WSU housing residents/students who live on-campus for the Winter 2024 semester are eligible. The student must have moved in or lived on campus after the university's Winter census date, Monday, January 22, 2024. The student must also return for the Fall 2024 semester and have moved in by the Fall 2024 census, Monday, September 9, 2024.

The student must apply, be a qualified resident and be in good standing with Housing & Residential life and the university.

The student must choose to live, be assigned, and remain in a qualified building (Towers Residential Suites, Atchison Hall, and The Thompson) by the Fall 2024 census date, Monday, September 9, 2024, to receive the Fall semester incentive/credit, and the Winter 2025 census date, Friday, January 17, 2025, to receive the Winter semester incentive/credit.

The student will forfeit incentive/credit if they move to a non-qualified building anytime after the Fall 2024 or Winter 2025 census dates.


Financial incentive

The eligible resident/student will receive a $500 account credit in the Fall semester and a $500 account credit in the Winter semester for a potential total of $1,000 incentive for the 2024-2025 academic year.

Each $500 credit will be posted to the eligible resident/student's account after the census day of the applicable semester.

The housing incentive may be reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid and will reduce your total cost of attendance at Wayne State University. To understand how this may affect your individual financial aid package, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.



The financial incentive is subject to eligibility and availability of space within the qualified buildings. If an individual is not eligible for the incentive, eligible to live in a qualified building, or if no assignable space is available in the qualified building in which the individual is qualified to live, the individual will not receive the financial incentive.



Please contact Housing & Residential Life by phone at (313) 577-2116 or by email at housing@wayne.edu