Meal Plan Change Request Form

If you are interested in changing your meal plan, please complete the form below.

  • Charges for meal plan changes will vary based on the change you are requesting. If you are approved for a meal plan change request, you will be charged the rate for your current meal plan until your meal plan change is completed, when you will be charged a prorated cost for your new plan. The charges for the meal plan you started with will also be prorated.¬†
  • As a reminder, all freshmen that live on campus must have either a Warrior Pass 50, Warrior Pass 250, Warrior Pass 400 or Weekly 15+100 meal plan.
  • All other students that live on campus in a residence hall (Atchison, Ghafari, or the Towers Residential Suites), must have a Weekly 5 + 150, Weekly 12 + 350, weekly 15 + 100, ¬†Warrior Pass 50, Warrior Pass 250, or Warrior Pass 400 meal plan.
  • If you wish to only add Warrior Dollars to your account, you can purchase those on under the Meal Plans section.

Please submit your request by Friday, September 23rd.

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