Moving out

Whether it is the end of the semester or you have an approved cancellation, there are a few more steps you must complete to fully checkout of your assigned space.Remember, if you move out and complete a checkout process without an approved cancellation or license end, you are still financially responsible through the end of the license period. 

Checking out?

We encourage you to provide your own cart or dolly to help move your belongings as we have limited number available for check-out at the front desk.

Remember, if someone is coming to campus to assist you with moving, they need to fill out the Guest Campus Screener

Follow this checklist for an easy guide to your responsibilities as you plan to leave campus housing: 

  1. Sign up for a check-out time at your front desk 
  2. Remove all your belongings 
  3. Remove all stickers, door decs, etc. from door 
  4. Clean your room/suite/apartment 
  5. Wipe down and return all furniture to its original position/location 
  6. Make sure you have the following ready for your RA: 
    - Building Sticker (back of OneCard)
    - Key (if applicable)
    - Mailbox key (if applicable)
  7. Meet your RA at your check-out time 

The RA will walk through your room with you and will note any damages to be repaired. Your community director will make final determination of any damage cost that would be applied to your student account. There is an appeal period which you will get more information regarding when/if you are charged. If you need any items in your room/suite/apartment fixed before you move out, please submit a WSUFixIt request. 

We hope you've had a wonderful year with us and we look forward to welcoming you back in the fall!