Moving in

Moving into residence halls and furnished apartments

Your assignment

  • Roommate information
  • Room swaps and wait-list
  • Meal plan change request
  • Early move-in request
  • Cancellation policy

Required steps to move-in

  • Check-in pass
  • Immunizations
  • Under-18 consent form
  • Renters insurance (Please check your personal policy and potentially add to family plan.)

The Office of Housing and Residential Life is excited that you have chosen to live in one of our Residence Halls or in our newly renovated Furnished Undergraduate Apartment Style Housing. We've created a Move-In Guide to assist with your transition to WSU and to simplify your move-in process. The Move-In Guide provides important information about what to bring, what to leave at home, safety and security, building security, and what to expect for your move-in day. 

Also take a look at the Residence Hall Community Living Guide for our complete list of policies and procedures that all campus residents must follow.

  • Check-in pass

    You must complete the Check-in Pass Module at the link below, in order to receive your check-in pass. Once you've finished the interactive session, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, you will receive your check-in pass via email. Note: You must provide your printed check-in pass to the staff of your assigned residence hall or apartment building in order to move into your assigned space.

    Prior to moving in, your fall housing balance must be paid in full.

    Please refer to your student account on Academica for balance information. If you have issues concerning payment prior to move-in, you must contact us at or call 313-577-2116.

  • Community Living Guide

    The Community Living Guide (CLG) is the Office of Housing and Residential Life's official document that outlines all of the rules and regulations of living in university housing. The CLG also has important information about services offered in your building and other valuable resources to help make your stay on campus enjoyable and memorable.

    A paper copy of the CLG will be provided to all incoming freshman students and is also available as a PDF.

    Download the Community Living Guide

  • Early move-in request

    In the event that you have an academic or athletic commitment that requires you to move in prior to your specified date, you may visit the housing website and fill out the Early Move-in Request Form. Requests will be honored based on need and room availability. Students who are required to be on campus prior to their scheduled move in date for a university related reason will be charged an additional $20/night. Early move-in requests can start being submitted on July 14.

  • Immunizations

    All students MUST have their immunization record on file in the Campus Health Center prior to moving in.

    Immunizations records can be faxed to 313-577-9581 or mailed to:

    Campus Health Center
    5285 Anthony Wayne Drive
    Detroit, MI 48202.

    Download: Immunization form (PDF)

  • Meal Plan Change Request Form

    If you are interested in changing your meal plan, please complete the form below.

    • Charges for meal plan changes will vary based on the change you are requesting. If you are approved for a meal plan change request, you will be charged the rate for your current meal plan until your meal plan change is completed, when you will be charged a prorated cost for your new plan. The charges for the meal plan you started with will also be prorated. 
    • As a reminder, all freshmen that live on campus must have either a Warrior Pass 50, Warrior Pass 250, Warrior Pass 400 or Weekly 15+100 meal plan.
    • All other students that live on campus in a residence hall (Atchison, Ghafari, or the Towers Residential Suites), must have a Weekly 5 + 150, Weekly 12 + 350, weekly 15 + 100,  Warrior Pass 50, Warrior Pass 250, or Warrior Pass 400 meal plan.
    • If you wish to only add Warrior Dollars to your account, you can purchase those on under the Meal Plans section.
  • Move-in Guide

    We have created a Move-in Guide with important information about what to bring to campus, what to leave at home, safety and security, and what to expect on move-in day. A copy of the Move-in Guide will be mailed to you and is also available online as a PDF. This information will prove very helpful in your transition to campus, so please take the time to review it.

    Download the Move-in Guide

  • Renters insurance

    NSSI (National Student Services Inc.) is the leader in providing college student property insurance designed specifically for college students living on campus. Student laptops, smartphones, textbooks, and more are staples for college students, and they are expensive to replace when a theft or damage occurs. We encourage you to cover your belongings with a student property insurance policy to protect the tools you need to be successful in your education. More information is available at

  • Moving into residence halls and furnished apartments

    Your assignment

    • Roommate information
    • Room swaps and wait-list
    • Meal plan change request
    • Early move-in request
    • Cancellation policy

    Required steps to move-in

    • Check-in pass
    • Immunizations
    • Sexual assault training
    • Under-18 consent form
    • Renters insurance (Please check your personal policy and potentially add to family plan.)

    Move-in Day Video 

    Move-in day video


  • Room swaps and waitlist

    Students who are unsatisfied with their assigned room may put themselves on a room/suite style waitlist for their desired room/suite type.

    To sign up for a waitlist, you must go to the housing website and fill out the Waitlist Form.

    All students completing a waitlist form will be placed on the list in the order of when their form is submitted. Once you are on a waitlist, and a room has become available, you will automatically be reassigned to that room. It is your responsibility to contact our office and let us know if you would like to be removed from a waitlist. We will do our best to accommodate waitlist requests until August 26.

    **Please note the waitlist will not open until assignments are sent out in mid July.

  • Roommate information

    Your roommate(s) information for the 2019-2020 academic year is available online by logging into your self-service portal. You can log on to this site by using your AccessID and password. If you do not currently have an assigned roommate, you can check back periodically online to see if one has been assigned.

    Please contact your roommate before move-in day to coordinate what to bring to avoid overcrowding in your room/suite. You may also want to begin discussing ground rules for your room or expectations you may have while living together.

  • Warrior Welcome Crew

    The Office of Housing and Residential Life is looking for volunteers for move-in weekend. Volunteers may assist students in moving their belongings to their rooms, direct traffic and more!

    As a volunteer you must attend training on Friday, August 24th (training will not be long, but for now, please keep all day Friday open - specific times will be announced later), and be available to work for a 6-7 hour shift on both Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th. If you are selected you can move in early on Thursday, August 23rd, as long as your assigned Fall space is available and ready.

    Applications are due no later than Monday, July 30th, 2018 at 11:59pm.


    My responsibilities will include:

    • Moving into my assigned room or apartment on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018, between the hours of 10am and 4pm (On-Campus Volunteers Only), if room is ready.
    • Attending a mandatory meeting on Friday, August 24th, 2018 at a time and location to be determined for on-campus residents, off-campus students, student organizations, faculty staff, and community members.
    • Providing support on both move-in days: Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th. Volunteers will also provide move-in prep support on Friday, August 24th, if necessary.
    • Working designated 6-7 hour shifts EACH DAY that will be assigned by housing staff.

    Tasks that can be assigned to you include, but are not limited to:

    • Decorating common areas of buildings both indoors and outdoors, setting up and tearing down all necessary materials needed for move-in (i.e. tents, tables, chairs, signs, balloons, etc.), watching belongings, pushing carts, moderate lifting, working check in tables, and other duties as assigned. Tasks will be assigned by housing staff.
    • WWC volunteers must wear specified attire while working on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 and Sunday, August 26th, 2018.

    Specified attire consists of:

    • Warrior Welcome Crew T-shirt (Provided by The Office of Housing and Residential Life) 
    • Bottoms with legs (i.e. Jeans, capris, shorts etc. If wearing shorts, they should be no more than 6" above the knee.)
    • Closed toed shoes (i.e. no flip flops or sandals).

    Volunteer Agreement / Statement of Understanding

    As a Warrior Welcome Crew participant, I understand that I am entitled to move in to my room early (on Thursday, August 23rd) at no additional cost. In doing this, I am committed to the above stated responsibilities and understand that any violations of the terms of this agreement will result in an automatic penalty of being charged the early move-in fee of $50.00 per day. Violating the terms of this agreement may also make me ineligible to participate in Warrior Welcome Crew events in the future. I also understand there will be no meal provided on Thursday, August 23rd, and one meal on Friday, August 24th. The dining halls will open on Saturday, August 25th.  If you live off campus and/or do not have a meal plan, you will be provided with one meal ticket on both Saturday, August 25th and Sunday, August 26th. Volunteers are invited to attend the freshmen barbecue on Saturday, August 25th from 5pm-7pm.

    ***Note: While we welcome all students, some rooms for on campus students may not be available for early move in due to final move in preparation. This will be communicated to affected individuals as we receive this information.

    Apply to be a Warrior Welcome Crew member

  • What to bring

    Students tend to over-pack when moving to campus. The list that follows details some things that you may want to consider bringing, as well as some things not permitted in the apartments. Many students bring the things they are going to use right away with them, and then later trade things out during a weekend home or the Thanksgiving or semester break periods. For example, you most likely won't need a winter coat until November, so you could leave that at home in August and bring it later in the year. Throughout the year, you might also choose to bring certain items home to lighten the load for when you move off campus.

    Items to bring

    • Alarm clock
    • Area rug or carpeting, if desired (floors are tile)
    • Bed
    • Bed linens (sheets must be twin extra-long)
    • Blankets
    • Pillows
    • Couch
    • Coffee tables
    • Dressers
    • Night stands
    • Dining Table
    • Camera
    • Clothes and hangers
    • TV and coaxial cable – Flat screen televisions cannot be mounted to the wall.
    • Ethernet cord
    • Computer with surge protector and printer
    • School supplies and cleaning supplies
    • Standing floor lamp
    • Extension cords and power strips
    • First-aid kit and sewing kit
    • Flashlight
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Laundry bag/basket, detergent and fabric softener
    • Toiletries and medications
    • Toilet paper and paper towels
    • Towels and washcloths
    • Umbrella
    • Posters/photos/other decorations
    • Removable wall adhesive – Posters may be hung on walls using removable adhesive only.
    • Shower curtain
    • Refrigerators less than five cubic feet, 115 volts and 45 inches in height (limit one per person or two per room)

    What not to bring

    • Candles
    • Space heaters
    • Oil lamps
    • Deep freezers
    • Alcohol/drugs
    • Crock pots
    • George Foreman Grills
    • Halogen lamps
    • Hot pots
    • Electric skillets
    • Electric blankets
    • Incense
    • Firearms or weapons
    • Routers
    • Pets (other than non-flesh-eating fish)
    • Waterbeds

    Things to discuss with your roommate(s)

    Discuss the items you and your roommate(s) plan to bring to campus. Coordinate with one another to avoid having duplicate items, and agree on items you can share to save space. Begin the conversation early about using each other's things.
    For example, if you plan to share cleaning supplies, how will you divide responsibility for replenishing them throughout the year when you are running low? Most students coordinate:

    • Desk and floor lamps (no overhead lighting in most rooms)
    • Couches
    • Dining room tables
    • Bath mat
    • Microwave
    • Mini refrigerator
    • TV, coaxial cable and DVD player
    • Wastebasket and trash bags
    • Cleaning supplies, including broom, dustpan and mop (you are responsible for cleaning your own room)