2016-2020 Master Plan


Wayne State University Housing and Residential Life has big plans for the next few years. With the ever-increasing number of students looking to live on campus, housing is undergoing an expansion. The new plan will bring some much-needed accommodations to campus. 

Phase one began in May 2017 and ended in the fall of 2018 with the opening of the 11-story tower of the Anthony Wayne Apartments. Phase two also began in May 2017 and will end in the fall of 2019 with the opening of the rest of the Anthony Wayne Apartments. Phase three began in May 2019 with the demolition of the Helen L. DeRoy Apartments and end in the fall of 2020 with the opening of the renovated Chatsworth Tower.

The Anthony Wayne Apartments and renovated Chatsworth Tower are the next step in fostering student learning and success by creating more places for students to engage in an intentional living-learning community. At the completion of this project in fall of 2020, students will have a modern, yet comfortable, setting to grow in self-awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments

The new Anthony Wayne Apartments will provide living space for approximately 850 students. Construction began in 2017 and will be completed this coming fall of 2019.

The new apartments will boast spacious lounge areas, additional green space, homey living spaces, retail shops, and so much more. Each new area has been designed to enhance the student experience. These new communities will be a place for residents to practice social and group development as members of a diverse group of Wayne State learners.

Watch the project come to life on our construction camera!


  • The Anthony Wayne Apartments have efficiency (studio), one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom units.
  • The new apartments are furnished units, including a full kitchen, common space, and individual bedrooms with full-size beds.
  • Each floor has multiple lounge areas, including study space, hangout areas, game rooms, and even a dance studio.
  • There are two large community rooms on the first floor. 
  • The first floor will be home to retail space including Leo's Coney Island, Tubby's Sub Shop, and 1000 Degree Pizzaria.
  • There are three courtyard areas. One will be open and the other two will be fenced in.
  • The new Campus Health Center is located on the first floor.

Helen L. DeRoy Apartments

The Helen L. DeRoy Apartments is a sixteen story, 216,500 square foot apartment building constructed in 1972 with 252 apartments. The facility was named in honor of Helen L. DeRoy who gave $500,000 to assist with the cost of construction in support of students and student life on campus.

Within a few years after completion of construction, the façade of DeRoy Apartments began to leak at numerous locations into student living spaces. It was eventually determined that a defective chemical additive used during construction was deteriorating the modular brick panels which cover the building exterior. A settlement was reached with the manufacturer and repairs were made, but the problem of leaks has re-occurred as the building has aged.

The January 2016 housing facilities master plan recommended the demolition of DeRoy Apartments as part of improving and increasing campus housing by building a new apartment complex on Anthony Wayne Drive. A third party building study indicated that the DeRoy Apartments would require more than $35 Million in total renovations to meet modern standards.

DeRoy will be removed in the summer of 2019 enabling an expansion of Keast Commons, the grassy recreation space used by residents of the surrounding five housing buildings which is immediately behind DeRoy. When completed, Keast Commons will stretch from the front of Chatsworth Apartments to Anthony Wayne Drive, with the western edge being the new apartment buildings on Anthony Wayne Drive that are across the street.

Chatsworth Tower Renovation

During its Sept. 21 meeting, the Wayne State University Board of Governors (BOG) authorized an increase in funding for additional improvements to the renovation of Chatsworth Residence Hall, located at 630 Williams Mall.

The architectural icon — originally built in 1928 as an apartment building — has been undergoing a major facelift inside and out as a primary feature of the overall campus housing facilities master plan approved by the board in 2016.

In 1961, Chatsworth was incorporated into the Wayne State University campus as married student housing, and the university continued expansion around it. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Included in the conceptual renovation plan:

  • Restoration of the exterior of the building.
  • Full demolition and rebuilding of floors two through nine into suites.
  • Removal of all walls located on floors two through nine.
  • Light renovation of five existing apartments on the mezzanine level of the first floor.
  • The historic lobby and sitting room will retain their original character, with the other program spaces on the first floor being modernized for student study and assembly.

Following additional program planning, the original scope of work has been expanded to include demolition and replacement of the five existing apartments on the mezzanine level with seven new apartments and a ramp that will be ADA accessible and compliant.

Phased renovation is already underway, with the exterior restoration and new roof being completed this fall. Chatsworth Apartments closed on May 1, 2019, and will remain closed the entire 2019-20 academic year for the interior renovation.