Residence experience

Educational priority

Residents of Housing and Residential Life enter into a diverse and urban environment that challenges each individual to become responsible local and global leaders. We do this by creating a community centered around our four pillars: Academic Engagement & Success, Social Justice & Equity, Personal Responsibility & Development, and Warrior Pride.

Icons representing the four pillars of the residential curriculum






Learning goals and narratives

Academic Engagement & Success

We align with the academic mission of the university and we promote academic success across our communities. Supporting academic and research excellence on campus in ways that include: connecting residents with a wide range of campus resources, organizing opportunities for study, fostering positive behaviors and skills that encourage retention and graduation.

Residents will be able to... 

  • utilize campus resources available to them to support academic success.
  • apply strengths and areas of growth within their own capacity to learn.
  • relate academic path to experiences to support career options.
  • assess degree completion, employment, and/or continued education pathways.

Social Justice & Equity

We align with the institutional mission of diversity and inclusion and appreciates the diverse community that is created on our campus through the identities and experiences of our residents.  We foster open discussion and involvement opportunities related to identity and social justice.  We define social justice as the development of an equitable society that works to remove barriers to access and increase representation.  Housing and Residential Life will provide opportunities for our residents to actively engage in dialogue, learning, and embracing the wonderfully diverse population within our campus and surrounding community. 

Residents will ...

  • recognize their personal and social identities in relation to the impact it has on others.
  • explain the intersectionality of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice.
  • express behaviors to promote social justice and equity within their community.
  • interrupt existing discriminatory behaviors that negatively impact underrepresented populations.

Personal Responsibility & Development

We recognize the growth and development that residents experience during their collegiate career.  We will provide opportunities for students to reflect on and develop: decision-making abilities, life-skills, role as a neighbor and community member as a part of our residential experience.  Additionally, residents will engage in a deeper understanding and positive approach to the multiple facets of comprehensive wellness.   

Residents will...

  • recognize the role they plan as a neighbor in the development of an inclusive community.
  • express a healthy approach to physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and financial wellness.
  • reflect upon personal experiences in order to improve in decision making abilities.
  • incorporate skills learned while living on campus into real-world situations.

Warrior Pride

Housing and Residential Life values community and campus engagement outside of the classroom as an important component of the student experience.  We create pathways for students to become global citizens through their participation and interaction within the Wayne State University campus and the City of Detroit.  It is through these intentional interactions our students will become lasting members and ambassadors of the Warrior community.

Residents will...

  • identify how to find opportunities for Warrior pride, including student organizations, in hall programming, athletic events, theatre events, clubs, leadership opportunities, and philanthropic events.
  • discover opportunities to serve the greater Wayne State and Detroit community.
  • actively participate in an extracurricular organization, event, or activity.
  • reflect on how their Wayne State student experience prepares them to be a global citizen.