Meal plan

Dining Services offers a range of dining plans to meet the needs of residents both in the residence halls and the apartments. Warrior Pass plans allow unlimited access to the dining halls for the entire semester. There are also weekly plans, which allow students a set number of swipes into the dining halls per week and also come with Warrior Dollars. Freshman may select any Warrior Pass or a Weekly 15, while upper-class students may have any of the Warrior Pass or Weekly Meal Plans.

Warrior Pass all-access plans

  • Warrior Pass 50
  • Warrior Pass 250
  • Warrior Pass 400

The number associated with each plan (50/250/400) signifies the amount of Warrior Dollars the student has on their plan for the semester.

Weekly meal plans

Weekly plans offer a select number of meal swipes per week and Warrior Dollars to use at any WSU Dining location.

  • Weekly 15 + $100
  • Weekly 12 + $350
  • Weekly 5 + $200

Block plans

Block plans are meal swipes that can be purchased whenever you need to add meal swipes to your OneCard for entry to the dining halls. Students living in the resident halls must have a Warrior Pass or weekly plan, but can add the block plan in addition for guests or to supplement their weekly plan.

  • Block 15
  • Block 30
  • Block 45

Warrior Dollars

Warrior Dollars are re-loadable dining dollars that can be used at any Dining Services retail location. These locations include Taco Bell, WingStop, Panda Express, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Einstein Bros. Bagels and more! Warrior Dollars can be purchased with your meal plan or added separately. Warrior Dollars come pre-loaded on weekly and Warrior Pass plans and additional warrior dollars can be added in increments of $50.

Unused Warrior Dollars purchased in the fall term carry forward to the winter term and expire at the end of the winter term as listed in the dining agreement. Warrior Dollars purchased for the winter term do not carry forward and expire at the end of the winter term. Warrior Dollars purchased during the spring/summer semester are only valid during that term and expire at the end of the term. Review the applicable dining license agreement for meal periods and important dates as a meal plan/warrior dollar user.

Dining halls

There are two unique dining halls on campus that help make eating easy. The first is Towers Café, which features all-you-care-to-eat dining with daily rotating menus. The second dining hall is Gold 'n' Greens – a Kosher and pescetarian dining hall that also offers vegan and gluten free options.

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