Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

To support Wayne State University's Learning Community Initiative, Housing and Residential Life will enhance resident's experience by supporting residential living-learning communities that are dynamic and focused on shared educational interests. Housing and Residential Life will partner with academic units to develop and sustain these communities, providing the opportunity to further Student Success at Wayne State University.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at Wayne State University cover a wide range of interests for students and the community. LLCs can be connected to specific academic programs, around a particular issue or interest, or be themed from a broader range of synergistic interests. Some LLCs may involve required classes or majors, while others are open to students interested in a particular lifestyle or topic. Explore below and find the right LLC for you!

Applications for joining an LLC are now open! Coordinators will begin placements into LLCs beginning January 2024. To ensure a review of your application for these communities, please apply for housing as soon as possible. If you have already applied for housing and wish to join an LLC, please directly contact the coordinator for that LLC listed below.

Why join an LLC?

LLCs are designed to enrich the residential experience for students and connect academic and extracurricular involvement. At no additional cost, students in LLCs enjoy:

  • More interactions with faculty, staff, and other student leaders
  • Closer connections with faculty members
  • Increased sense of community at WSU
  • High satisfaction with their residential experience
  • Greater content knowledge in their LLC topic
  • More opportunities to develop career and lifestyle skills
  • Additional skill-building and learning opportunities designed for students in their sophomore year

How to apply for an LLC

Students interested in applying for a Living Learning Community (LLC) should follow these steps:

  1. Explore our options for Living Learning Communities and review the eligibility below
  2. Submit a housing license agreement through the online self-service portal, and you will have an opportunity to sign up for your selected living-learning community.
  3. Select your LLC of interest
  4. Answer the questions
  5. Submit your housing agreement + complete the housing nonrefundable fee

From there, the LLC Coordinator for the LLC you applied for will review your application and contact you via your Wayne State email account. If you are selected, your LLC Coordinator will make a room selection for you.

Students who are in LLCs do not participate in the self-selection process due to the specificity of where LLCs are. If you apply for an LLC and have questions about your application, please reach out to the LLC Coordinator for the community.

Interested in creating an LLC?

Faculty, staff, and students interested in creating or suggesting a new LLC should reach out to Daisy Holly (, the Associate Director for Student Success, Learning, & Engagement in the Office of Housing and Residential Life.


Available communities for Fall 2024

  • Transfer Student LLC

    The Transfer Student Living Learning Community (LLC) aims to provide transfer students with an on-campus experience focused on belonging. For the 2024-2025 academic year, the Transfer Student LLC will be located in Towers Residential Suites.

    Advantages of joining the Transfer Student LLC:

    • Supplemental Transfer Advising from Transfer Student Success Center Advisor
    • Support navigating Wayne State and the transfer process  
    • Build academic and social connections with their transfer peers and become active members of the Wayne State Community

    Eligibility for the Transfer Student LLC:

    • Transfer student to Wayne State University from a 2-year or 4-year institution
    • Planning to live in a residence hall on campus

    Requirements for joining the Transfer Student LLC:

    • Complete the WSU Housing application and select the Transfer Student Living Learning Community (LLC)
    • Live on the Transfer Student LLC floor in the Towers Residential Suites with fellow transfer students
    • Follow the Transfer Student LLC Agreement on the LLC application

    WSU Community College Transfer Housing Scholarship:

    If you have any questions about becoming part of the Transfer Student LLC, please email Nicole Saez at

  • Creative Warriors Community

    Creative Warriors Community Logo

    The Creative Warriors Living Learning Community (LLC) is a place where you can EXPLORE, ENGAGE, and GROW during your first year as a WSU Creative Warrior in the College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts!

    EXPLORE – Monthly social, cultural, and community service events on campus and throughout the city of Detroit!

    ENGAGE – Meet fellow students in the college, get to know faculty on a deeper level, and hear from others in the Creative community, such as alumni, the Dean, and more!

    GROW – Become an interdisciplinary student by learning from peers and experts in Art, Communication, Dance, Music, and Theatre!

    Eligibility for the Creative Warriors LLC:

    • Undergraduate student enrolled at Wayne State for Fall 2024
    • Pursuing a major in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts
    • Planning to live in a residence hall on campus

    Requirements for joining the Creative Warriors LLC: ·

    • Complete the WSU Housing application and select the Creative Warriors Living Learning Community (LLC)
    • Live on a Creative Warriors LLC floor in the Thompson Home
    • Continue to pursue a CFPCA major during the 2024-25 academic year
    • Follow the Creative Warriors LLC Agreement on the Creative Warriors LLC application
    • Special requirements for upper-class students: 
      • Upperclass students should be open to attending mentor-style programming with first-year students in the Creative Warriors LLC

    If you have questions about becoming part of the Creative Warriors LLC, please email Erika Robinson at

  • Honors Community

    Honors Community Logo

    The Honors College Living Learning Community (LLC) aims to provide first-year honors students with a unique on-campus living experience. Honors students will actively be engaged with faculty, academic advisors, Honors peer mentors, and other students. Focused interactions will assist Honors students in better navigating their academics as well as other social and cultural aspects of the WSU experience. For the 2024-2025 academic year, we are excited to host one Honors LLC in our Chatsworth Suites, home to the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program.

    Advantages of joining the Honors LLC:

    • Live-in Honors peer mentoring
    • On-site academic advising
    • Increased student/faculty interactions
    • Special workshops from WSU faculty and staff
    • Networking opportunities

    Eligibility for the Honors LLC:

    • Current member of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College
    • Planning to live in a residence hall on campus

    Requirements for joining the Honors LLC:

    • Complete the WSU Housing application and select Honors Living Learning Community
    • Live on the Honors LLC floor in Chatsworth Suites and participate in the FYRE program
    • Continue to pursue Honors during the 2023-2024 academic year
    • Follow the Honors LLC agreement in the Honors LLC application

    If you have any questions about becoming part of the Honors LLC, please email Rachel Pawlowski at

  • Warrior 360

    Warrior 360 (W360)

    The Warrior 360 Living Learning Community (LLC) offers a great chance to enhance your overall experience with Warrior 360 at WSU!  With specific investment in your academic growth and development as a scholar, this community will connect your classrooms to your entire college experience. The W360 LLC will help you maximize the benefits of working from home!  For the 2024-2025 academic year, we are excited to host W360 LLC in  Chatsworth Suites, home to the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program.

    Advantages to joining the Warrior 360 LLC:

    • Increased connections with students and student leaders with similar academic goals
    • On-site student supports
    • Meaningful networking opportunities!
    • Constant wraparound support from the W360 team

    Eligibility for the Warrior 360 LLC:

    • Membership in Warrior 360
    • Planning to live in a residence hall on campus

    Requirements for joining the Warrior VIP LLC:

    If you have any questions about becoming part of the Warrior 360 LLC, please email Latonia Garrett at