Approve a roommate request

Approving or denying a roommate request is the final step in joining a roommate group.

  1. From the housing portal, click on Roommate Selection on the upper menu. Select Roommate/Suitemates to approve/deny/review any pending roommate requests.
  2. Select the Fall 2019 semester and click submit.
  3. You will see information at the top regarding any pending roommate requests you need to respond to.
  4. Additionally, you will see the status of any roommate requests that you've made.
    1. Here you can approve or deny a roommate request, check out a potential roommate's profile, or email that person to learn more about them.
    2. To accept a roommate request, select the green box.  Approving a roommate is just that easy.
    3. To deny a roommate request, select the red box.
  5. Any action that you complete will generate an email to the other students involved. Be sure that you're talking with people throughout the process regarding roommate requests.
  6. Continue to monitor the status of your roommate requests by coming back to this page.  Information is updated in real time.